Creative industries in Flanders

Flanders DC is the linking pin for the creative industries in Flanders. Feel free to contact us if you wish to know more about our creative industries, find Flemish creative talents or companies or to explore opportunities to work together.

Overview of our creative industries

In a study by the Flanders DC Knowledge Centre at the Antwerp Management School (2010), creative industries in Flanders have been defined as the following 11 sectors: audiovisual industry, architecture, communication, pr & advertising, cultural heritage, design, fashion, gaming, new media, music, performing arts, printed & digital media and visual arts.

The creative industries in Flanders provide an important contribution to the economy and are a source of employment. The latest impact study* conducted by the Flanders DC knowledge centre at Antwerp Management School revealed the following figures:

  • 53.477 self-employed people
  • 8,169 employers
  • 69,983 empolyees (FTE equivalents)
  • 7.2 billion euro in added value

Based upon this analysis, creative industries represent 2,7% of Flanders’ Gross Domestic (Regional) Product and 12,9% of all self-employed (in primary activity) in Flanders.

*the study is in Dutch but with an executive summary in English

To the study for more info

A roadmap for the creative industries in Flanders

In 2011 Flanders DC brought together 24 sector-organisations to discuss collective needs, challenges and opportunities. It marked the start of an intensive consultation-process which resulted in a long term strategy paper with more than 50 policy and sector-recommendations in 6 priority domains.

Download the roadmap

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